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Contacting a Micro-Vu dealer is the best way to get support from an expert in your area.

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Micro-Vu Service Center allows you to report issues or get answers to questions about machines.

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Common Questions

I would like to evaluate whether a Micro-Vu product is right for my needs. Can I get a demonstration or evaluation of my application?

For sales inquiries, contact a dealer here that serves your area. Micro-Vu’s worldwide network of authorized dealers are your best source for applications, machine installation, calibration, training, and any technical inquiry you may have.
I would like to purchase a Micro-Vu machine or accessory. Where do I place an order?

I need a replacement part for my Micro-Vu product. How do I look up part numbers and order components?

I need information on operating and maintaining my Micro-Vu product. Where can I find documentation or training?

I am having an issue with my Micro-Vu product. How do I get service or support?

I have a quick question about a particular application. How do I get service or support?

I have an idea for a feature, where do I report it?

I have found a bug in the software, where do I report it?

Which is the latest software version that is compatible with my machine model?

Where can I find the PC requirements for running InSpec or InSpec Classic software?

Micro-Vu Locations

Micro-Vu Headquarters

7909 Conde Lane
Windsor, California 95492
schedule Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST
call +1 (707) 838-6272
Please consider using the Micro-Vu Service Center for reaching support staff.
Micro-Vu (Europe) GmbH

Essener Straße 8
D-66606 St. Wendel
call +49 6851 80255-50
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