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Touch Probe Kits

Touch Probe on a Vertex
Touch Probe on a Vertex


InSpec Metrology Software
InSpec Metrology Software


Touch Probe Kit
Touch Probe Kit






Micro-Vu offers Touch Probe Kits as accessories on Vertex and Excel measurement systems. The kits add touch probe CMM capabilities to these vision systems.

• All Vertex and Excel Systems are Probe-Ready

• Kinematic Mounts Protect Change Rack and Calibration Artifacts

• Change Rack, Calibration Artifacts, and Probes can be Removed and Replaced without Re-Calibration

InSpec Software Seamlessly Integrates Advanced Touch Probe Functions

• Intuitive Probe Assembly Interface

• Automated Docking in Multi-Port Probe Change Rack

• Automated Probe Tip Qualification Including Lobing

• Automated Z Scale and Perpendicularity Calibration

• Automatic Approach Vectoring and Solution Iteration

• Automatic Retract and Adjustable Standoff Distances

• Free InSpec 2.XX Updates - No Maintenance Fees

InSpec is used on all Micro-Vu measuring systems, including the Vertex, Excel, Matrix, Vector, Spectra, Qubix, and Quantum automated and manual machines.

Micro-Vu offers "Complete" Probe Kits

Micro-Vu Touch Probe Kits include software; mounting hardware; probe body, modules, and stylii; change rack; calibration artifacts; and case. You get everything needed to begin measuring real parts.

Schematic view (top left) and video image (bottom right) are always displayed. InSpec is easy to use for manual measurements too.